Everything you do.
Everything you hold.
Change into toys.

More active,
imaginative play.


More physical toy play with motion and sound

When you wear Moff's wearable device on your wrist, it responds to interaction with your gestures. Moff's apps give a number of unique play experiences with sounds.

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From "buying toy things" to "downloading play experience".

Now, you can enjoy the same toys over and over again with new play experiences by downloading apps. When you want to enjoy another play experience, you just download it.


You can play both by yourself and parent-child

Moff has a number of play modes to enable children to be an object of admiration like Samurai or Magician.

In addition, you can collaborate with children in sports like tennis and golf, or band mode with guitar and drums.

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Drum play by 4-year-old

Voices from Moff users

It lets me augment my world with a fantasy world. It's a simple and engaging idea for a product. I love it.

(Male, USA)

Great idea, with lots of potential.

(Male, Atlanta, USA)


Don't children get bored soon?

No. According to our test customers.

Can children use Moff alone? Or need for adults' help?

Due to it's simple interface, we confirmed even a 3-year-old child can controll Moff for himself. Children with enough experience to use Smartphones/Tablets can use and choose what they want to play freely.

Where is Moff based?

Moff is a Tokyo-based venture company founded by Takahagi and Yonesaka.

I'm worried about allergies.

Moff is designed as its part made with metal and plasctic covered with silicon resin. So, you can use free from care to give it to your children.

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Supported devices

iPhone6/iPhone6 Plus/
iPod touch(over 5th generation)/
iPad(over 4th generation)/
iPad mini/iPad Air(over iOS7.1)