Slap. Sync. Play.

Strap on the Moff Band slap bracelet. Sync up to an Apple or Android device. And play!

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Choose your own adventure.

The Moff Band empowers each and every child to use their imagination and get up & move!

See imagination come to life




With the Moff Band, anything is possible - just slap it on, pick a sound, and transform the world around you.


Android and Apple iOS Compatibility

Android version 4.4+ is required for compatibility with the Moff Band. We support best-selling Android devices, including: Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, Note Edge / Motorola Moto G / Google NexusTM 4, 5, 6, 9 / Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z3, Z4.

Apple iOS 7.1+ is required for compatibility with the Moff Band. We support Apple iPhone 5+ / iPod Touch 5+ / iPad 4+ / iPad mini / and iPad Air.

Specs & Materials

Silicone rubber, plastic housing, PCBCoin (CR2032) battery included. Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 1"
Weight: 0.16 lbs
Made in Japan


Ages: 5+
Parental Control allows individual sounds to be hidden
Two Moff Bands can be connected to one device Available in Orange, Pink and Blue Bluetooth-connected, slap bracelet that encourages kids to be imaginative and active

Sound Effects

Over 30 realistic sound effects are included in the free Moff app. Sounds include: air drums & guitar, ninja swords, baseball, cooking and much more!

New sounds are updated weekly through the Moff app. Best of all, we are in development for 3rd party Moff apps to be released very soon!

“Finally, a wearable for kids!”


“One of the most innovative - yet simple - toy concepts we've seen in awhile”


“10 Cool Tech Toys Coming in 2015”


“7 Coolest Toys from Toy Fair 2015”



What kinds of sounds can the Moff Band make? And are the sounds free?
When you download our free app from the App store, it comes with many pre-installed categories. (Including ninja, tennis, guitar, cooking, drum, magic wand, and baseball!) We add new sounds often, which you can download at no extra charge. Got a suggestion for a new sound? Send us an email!
Does the Moff Band require an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet?
Yes, the Moff Band requires, and is compatible with, an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet . Once paired up via Bluetooth, the Moff Band can be up to 30ft away from the device while still making the sounds of imagination!
How comfortable is the Moff Band?
Imagine a cloud resting gently on your wrist, napping softly and hugging your arm. That's how comfortable the snap-on band is. You'll forget you're even wearing it.
How safe is the Moff Band?
Wrapped in silicone, the Moff Band is a latex-free toy with no sharp edges or exposed electronics. All the fun of a ninja sword, but grown-up approved.
What ages is the Moff Band appropriate for?
We recommend Moff Bands for ages 3 to 12, but any kid with an active imagination will enjoy a wristband that makes motorcycle noises. (For that matter, most adults too.)
How do I wear the Moff Band?
Our wearable smart toy uses a slap-on bracelet design. For an optimal Bluetooth connection between your device and your Moff Band, make sure you 'slap on' the bracelet with the power button of the Moff Band facing out towards the tips of your fingers.
How many Moff Bands can sync to one device?
One device (phone, tablet, etc.) can support two Moff Bands at once, meaning that getting along is built right into the software.
How long does the battery last in the Moff Band? And is it easy to replace?
The li-metal coin battery lasts for 20 hours of continuous use. Furthermore, the battery is pre-installed and the Moff Band goes into 'idle mode' after 2 minutes of inactivity. The battery case is has been designed so that it is difficult to open for young children, yet easy to access for adults. The coin battery is a DL2032.
Moff is a silly word. What does it even mean?
Moff is a Japanese startup founded by some really nice people in Tokyo. In fact, Moff got its start on Kickstarter in the US where it was successfully funded in 48 hours! Anyways, Moff is literally translated to mean 'warm, or fuzzy feeling.' In other words, it's like hugging a panda.